Hot Stock under Consideration –, (NASDAQ: JD), (NASDAQ: JD) was trading -56.65% away from its yearly high level, during the last trading session. The last session’s volume was 11,245,023 compared to its average daily volume of 18.97M shares. The company has its outstanding shares of 1.37B. The Technologystock showed a change of -0.36% from opening and finally closed at $21.97 by scoring 1.34%., Inc., “China’s leading technology driven e-commerce company and retail infrastructure service provider”, online or offline, has issued a new corporate social responsibility report, highlighting its commitment to global sustainability and dedication to giving back to the community.

The CSR report outlines JD’s accomplishments since 2013, underscoring the importance of sustainability, innovation and empowerment to company operations. The report also demonstrates how every part of the company’s footprint – from the creation of a product, to its packaging, sale, and delivery – is engineered to have a positive, sustainable and far-reaching impact on the global community and environment.

Projects such as the Green Stream Program and Recycling Program have reduced waste and emissions, as well as promoted sustainable consumption concepts to consumers to adopt in their daily lives.  In Addition To, JD’s unique “giving platform” leverages the company’s advanced technology and self-built inventory and logistics networks to provide a secure way to link consumers with organizations in need of supplies, speeding delivery of donated goods to their intended recipients and making them trackable at every point. Projects such as these enable JD to engage its stakeholders, counting suppliers and customers, to increase transparency and efficiency in philanthropy in China and beyond.

“As China’s leading retailer, we recognize that our influence extends far beyond our network of more than 300 million active customers,” said Richard Liu, founder and CEO.

“We have a responsibility to conduct our business in a manner that will have a positive influence. That is why we will continue to share our know-how and resources, continuously seeking innovative ways to improve society where our employees, customers, and partners live and work.”

Highlights from’s CSR report:

  • 2.4 million donations collected for 600+ charity programs via the JD Giving Platform.
  • 5,000+ new energy vehicles have replaced conventional fuel fleet vehicles.
  • 1 million+ items of clothing and 400,000+ toys collected and reused or donated to people in need by recycling program.
  • 250 million meters of packaging tape saved via innovative program.
  • 3 million+ products sourced from rural areas on benefitting 90% of China’s poorest counties.

In Addition To, the CSR report demonstrates how has taken cues from the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Aims (SDGs), which focuses on 17 areas counting poverty alleviation, clean energy and responsible consumption.

“Conducting this CSR report under the framework of SDGs for the first time, JD is showing how this framework provides an excellent way for organizations to measure their impacts on sustainable development for all,” said Agi Veres, Country Director, UNDP China.

Aided by its innovative technology and unparalleled infrastructure, JD has actively launched and supported many charity programs for social innovation, environmental protection, disaster relief, poverty alleviation, education and aiding the disadvantaged – detailed in the report.

JD is striving to create sustainable platforms using technological advances and supply chain improvements that impact hundreds of millions of people in China and throughout the world, with hopes that it’s sustainable and social responsibility actions can serve as blueprints for other e-commerce enterprises and retailers to follow.

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